Photo Safe App Support

For iPad users

Photo Safe supports multitasking on iPad. You can put the app in Split View or Slide Over view. Saving photos from another app can be as simple as dragging them from another app and dropping them in Photo Safe. This feature requires the other app to support Drag and Drop.

Photo Safe Channel on Telegram

You can join an official Photo Safe channel on Telegram, and ask the developer for help. Any advice or feedback would also be welcome.

Saving photos from other apps

Did you know that you can save photos from another app? Just select photos in another app, tap on the Share button, and choose Photo Safe in the Share Sheet.

Built-in web browser

Did you know that you can save photos directly from the built-in web browser? Go to a web page where there are photos that you want to save. Long press on a photo in the page, and you will see a context menu in iOS 13, or an action sheet in iOS 12 or prior versions. Selecting the "Save Photo" or "Save to Photo Library" option will save the photo not only to the iOS Photos app, but also to the Photo Safe app. Selecting the "Copy" option will only save the photo to the Photo Safe app.

For Tumblr users

Downpour is an extremely lightweigted third party client of Tumblr developed by us. You can save photos directly from Downpour to Photo Safe, just by long pressing on a photo. You must have a Tumblr account to use Downpour. Please go to, and sign up if you haven't done that yet.

Should you have any question, please contact us at: